Meet Jose Etcheverry, founding member of CSP


Etcheverry, Jose

Associate Professor

Co-Chair, Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI)

Business and Environment Coordinator

BA Hons (Geography & Environmental Studies), York
MA (Geography & Environmental Studies), Toronto
PhD (Geography), Toronto

Climate Change Mitigation International and National Renewable Energy Policies Rural ElectrificationEducational and Capacity Development NetworksNew Media and Communications

For 2019-2020 my work is focused on addressing the climate change crisis by developing –locally and internationally— an ecosystem of innovation focused on providing new practical opportunities for those interested in designing and implementing paradigm-shifting climate change solutions.

To achieve the above, I have joined the Board of Governors and the Senate of York University where I will focus on achieving a carbon-free university that can provide a world-class destination to enable learning by doing on how to solve the climate change emergency declared by the Canadian Federal Government.


As Director of the International Renewable Energy Academy my focus for 2019-2021 is to expand our three solar labs at York University and develop new locations internationally to provide new experiential learning and research opportunities focused on electric mobility, storage, renewable energy and leadership strategies to citizens of the 200 countries that want to solve climate change, which will meet in Chile in 2019 for the International Climate Change Negotiations.

In addition, my research for 2019-2021 focuses on developing the work on carbon pricing markets started by the CLPC during its meeting in New Delhi and on creating new research opportunities to advance our international work on achieving 100% renewable energy and new efforts to achieve carbon-free campuses.

The world needs a new ecosystem of innovation and experiential learning focused on implementing climate change solutions at all educational levels –and in as many countries as possible— if you want to make that goal happen please contact me to set an appointment to explore how we can collaborate.


  • Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation Teaching Excellence Award
  • Centennial College Alumnus of Distinction
  • Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award
  • Mexican Government Ministry of Foreign Relations Scholarship
  • University of Toronto Open Fellowship
  • Labbatt Award

Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals

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Book Chapters

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Refereed Compendium

2011 Etcheverry, J. 8.1 Developing Local Capacity, Training and Education to their Full Potential: Current and Potential Roles of the International Renewable Energy Agency and the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism. (pp 441-444). Special Report commissioned by World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) for the 4th Edition of the WWEA Yearbook. Wind Energy International 2011/12. Bonn: WWEA.

Additional Publications

2014 REN21 Renewable Energy Policy Network. Renewables 2014: Global Status Report. (Paris: REN21 Secretariat).