Celebrating Earth Day #50

Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with the launch of Climate Solutions Park programming.

The overall goal of the Climate Solutions Park Project (CSP) is to create an inspirational place for experiential learning, networking and innovation opportunities. Our approach is to harness the existing physical and online space into an experiential education park at York University’s Keele Campus.

We invite you to join us in the development of new ways to grow the Climate Solutions Park (CSP) and offer the last pages of this document as visual moorings. The Climate Solutions Park (CSP) is supported by hundreds of York University Professors who have signed their names to a letter drafted by the York University Faculty Association. York U student associations (such as the Carbon Free Club and Regenesis) and great private sector firms also support the development of the CSP.

To date, we have trained many students on how to use our tool engineering facilities to build solar structures to, for example, power shared electric mobility vehicles. During minus 13 Celsius weather (February 2020), we began building the first of many solar charging stations before we had to stop our work to help slow down the pandemic.

Nevertheless, we will remain active online developing a co-op structure to ensure the creation of new sustainable local jobs at the CSP so essential service technologies can be manufactured right here in Ontario. We will persevere with our commitments and will continue developing new ways to maintain our momentum and expand our partnerships. The world needs Climate Solutions Parks and our contribution is to make our own a practical reality right here at York University.

To learn more information about Climate Solutions Park, please email Join@ProjectClimateChange.org